My name is Julius. I work as a Technology Architect, a Software Developer (mainly Java and its ecosystem), and sometimes lead teams, whether onshore or offshore.

My goal is always to enable and to support an organisation or business to meet its goals by satisfying its users’ or customers’ needs effectively and efficiently.

My role varies from developing applications to being responsible for the design and build of technical architectures.

As for the industry, I’m currently working in Payments, integrating with Payment Providers. Because those need to be secure, I’ve been wearing the Security Champions’ hat as well. Before that, I was working in Public Services, Retail, and Parcel Delivery.

I enjoy a good book and I’m a fan of Wardley Mapping with all it entails.

My experiences stem from designing and implementing Microservices with Spring Boot and Docker, Integrating systems with Web Services and Messaging (yes, even Enterprise Service Buses in the classic SOA world); in Application development using Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) with Spring; and in Batch application styles using Spring Batch.

Before that, I was completing my Bachelors and Masters in Computer Science at Kings College London.

You can also find out more on Twitter and on LinkedIn.