My name is Julius. I’m a Senior Cloud Engineer in R&D in 3M’s Health Care Systems.

I see what I do as a combination of Technology Architecture (built up from Accenture), a Software Development (mainly Java and its ecosystem, and now, getting into Python and Typescript), and (sometimes) leading teams, whether onshore or offshore.

I enjoy a good book and I’m a fan of Wardley Mapping with all it entails. I contributed a chapter for the book “Visual Collaboration Tools

Previous industries that I’ve worked in include Payments, (integrating with 3rd party Payment Providers), Public Services, Retail, and Parcel Delivery.

What I was doing there was designing and implementing Microservices with Spring Boot and Docker, Integrating systems with Web Services and Messaging (yes, even Enterprise Service Buses in the classic SOA world); in Application development using Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) with Spring; and in Batch application styles using Spring Batch.

Before that, I was completing my Bachelors and Masters in Computer Science at Kings College London.

You can find me elsewhere online: Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub.
And I maintain a Things I Learned (TIL) collection.